Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Careful with that axe, Eugene

No, I'm not going launch into a treatise on obscure Pink Floyd numbers but instead direct you towards an incisive (as ever) piece in today's Indo from Eugene McGee on the GAA, GPA and P4P (that's pay for play to you lot). Eugene's analysis is pretty much on the button, IMHO. Contrast, if you will, what he has to say with this bit of provincially-minded piffle. See what I mean?


ronanmul said...

Hi Willie Joe,

Thanks for your comments and for linking to realGAA. I've returned the favour, although it seems we may not agree on certain issues. :)

I too am disappointed by the lack of GAA bloggers. It looks like we'll have to lead the way and hope that more follow.

Kind regards,


Willie Joe said...

Thanks Ronan. It'd be a very boring world if we all agreed on everything!

Hopefully we're the start of a trend as regarding GAA blogging - there's obviously plenty there to write about and not all of it concerns what's happening on the pitch . . .

All the best